Name: Tim McGann
Nickname: Tito, Captain Positivity and Captain Redline to name a few
Where are you from? Providence, Rhode Island
What is your favorite food? Cheeseburger
What do you do in your spare time? I like to read, spend time with
family/friends and annoy people whenever I can.
How and when did you find CrossFit? Web surfing in at first in 2007,
tried it on my own off the main site and failed. A friend of mine bugged
me into doing it again in early 2012, so we did main site workouts. My
wife originally started at CFSK in the spring of 2012 based on another
friend’s recommendation. I followed soon after.
What is your favorite movement? Probably deadlifts, muscle-ups or
cleans, depending on the day. Deadlifts are just raw strength to me, but
the other two are more athletic in my mind.
What is your goat and how are you working to improve? Rowing is
really tough for me for some reason. I cannot do a pistol either, but it is
tough to call something you cannot do a goat I suppose. Rowing comes
up pretty frequently in programming so I try to practice good rowing
technique whenever I can. I work on Pistols either before or after class,
or during Open Gym.
What is one of your favorite coaching moments at CFSK? I have not
been a coach long enough to really have any special moments yet, but I
have a couple that occurred before I was a coach. The first was the
Friday before the gym was going to do Open Workout 17.2, which was
a workout that required bar muscle ups and Keith McNamar had not
yet done one (bar muscle-up) yet. We were working on them for a few
minutes after class and he actually got over the bar but just couldn’t
finish the rep. However, I saw something click in his eyes that he finally
understood what we were telling him, like he actually now knew how
to do them. When he tried again, he did it with much more confidence
and assertiveness and went right over the bar, and then stayed up
there with a giant smile on his face, which was priceless.
A close second is when Nicole Lufkin got her first Ring Muscle up at an Open gym. This is second because I was trying to record it on my phone, but failed (still
hear about that). Nicole works super hard, and struggled mightily for a
long time, and to see that hard work pay off was very satisfying.
What are you currently reading? I am currently reading three books. The first is a book about the Dunkirk evacuation, which the movie is based on called Dunkirk. The second is a fictional book about Nazi Zombies fighting the Allies in WW2
called Last Gasp. The third is Pursuing Excellence, by Ben Bergeron.
What is a fun fact about you? I met my wife at a nightclub, spent 3-4 hours with her, but never got her number, enough said.
Favorite quote: The secret of life is that there is no secret.
What advice do you have for someone new to CFSK? Do not worry about the Whiteboard at the beginning, and focus on technique, technique, technique. The best athletes are the athletes that move the best. Listen to your coaches, be consistent and I promise you results will come. Embrace the suck, hold yourself to a high standard and don’t cherry pick WODS. Use every workout as an
opportunity to better yourself physically and mentally.